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QUOTE (MK2-Escort @ 14 Jan 2004, 09:09 PM)Saw one of those on a Clarkson video the other day. You wouldn't want one in 1:1 scale!
It's only 'coz Clarkson is a tall, lanky person - still a great motoring journalist though! I would dearly love to find out if I could live with a Countach. I'd have to get the Quattrovalvole version though - 6 downdraught twin carbs, tweaked rear suspension geometry so you didn't need the rear wing. I know the wing looks damn cool, but I remember reading a magazine review which stated that the extra drag it generates limits the great steed to about 155mph instead of its true 190+ mph capability.

As for the engine... That magical quad cam V12 just a few inches behind your ears... the growling, ripping, howling noises as it wound up to the redline assailing the eardrums of the unworthy! My 2.8 Injection Capri has a great V6 sound but the Lambo would really scare the neighbours, not to mention the village rozzer!

Ahem... I guess I'll have to settle for a slot version as and when.

Incidentally, how come the Lambo went rusty after a year? The body is Aluminium and fibreglass. Unless he subjected the tubular chassis to wet, salty roads?

Dreaming is free... the only engine better than a V8 is a V12. Any engine with more than four cylinders, especially in a Vee formation works for me though. Fours suck, unless it's a motorcycle powerplant!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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