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Well done Mk 2!

That car does look SO good and Harry Wise does take some nice pics.
Wheel and light detail is just wonderful!
At least we see that they have adopted a deeper guide as Taxi said - good move.
Pity about the crappy slack bushings and extraordinarily high gearing - 10:28 - there is no way it can perform at its best like that.

A heck of a nice shelf queen there!

Just one other thing - who was it said,
QUOTE the only engine better than a V8 is a V12.
The F1 guys will be pleased to hear this!

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Wonder if these will be priced the same as the Mitsubishi and Subaru?

Also, viewing pictures of what appears the prototypes, hopefully not too far off?

*opens wallet*


Ack... I wish hadn't seen these now.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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