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I need 2 #1337 Dynamic motor brackets/ pods

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I need 2- Dynamic #1337 inline, endbell drive motor pods/ brackets for 26D motors and if anyone has one or two please PM me. I need them ASAP please and will trade or buy them from you.
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Thanks guys I figured it out that it must be a cast # because EJ's said he had never heard of it as well.... so...... if any have a loose one with the # 4337 on the bottom (i read it wrong) then let me know please. Dokk will not be able to get to LASCM for a couple of weeks to see if they can spare a couple....
Still looking for a Dynamic part #557
Like I said Dokk is going to look but if I can find them sooner that will help.....
BUMP..... still need .....
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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