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I thought for the AGM

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I thought for the AGM

I think we ought to cut down the laps to 16 and finish the laps you are on.

This will stop the software guessing the average time taken, if you finish after someone has lapped you.

I didn't think it will make the evening much longer, and for those that have the pleasure of finishing their laps after most have finished will get their fiver's worth!

If someone is more than 3 laps behind the leader then they need help from us to get them up to speed, generally most people at out club are really good anyway.

If they are more than 4 laps behind, I'm thinking of introducing electric shock treatment and public humiliation....

Another blinding idea from me.
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QUOTE (Flange @ 14 Nov 2011, 19:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will we be able to do mr slot car straight away though ? it may also be worth waiting 6 months untill they have released more bits and pieces.
I thought the idea of a new class was to run it 'out of the box' with the view of attracting new members and keeping the rules as simple as possible?
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