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I thought for the AGM

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I thought for the AGM

I think we ought to cut down the laps to 16 and finish the laps you are on.

This will stop the software guessing the average time taken, if you finish after someone has lapped you.

I didn't think it will make the evening much longer, and for those that have the pleasure of finishing their laps after most have finished will get their fiver's worth!

If someone is more than 3 laps behind the leader then they need help from us to get them up to speed, generally most people at out club are really good anyway.

If they are more than 4 laps behind, I'm thinking of introducing electric shock treatment and public humiliation....

Another blinding idea from me.
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Totally agree, 16 laps is quite enough really. I think we increased races to 20 laps because the new track was shorter than the old one, but it makes little difference really.
Letting the computer calculate average times (Lee and I know a song about that) has always been a bit naff, so offering more help to those who struggle to stay on the lead lap is worth a go. However some of them can't/wont be helped.
We can but try.
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So, just to be clear. At the moment we've got five classes: challenge (challene if your from Berkshire), NSR Porsches, classic, BRM and Riley endurance.

It's proposed that we drop the Porsches in favour of something else. MSC rally cars have been mentioned as one possible alternative. Does anyone else have any sensible suggestions?

My personal feeling having tried an MSC Subaru is that they could get a little boring on our current track, so it may be worth putting them on a back burner until we've changed the track, if indeed we do change the track.

If we want a more "out of the box" class that's more drivable than the NSR's I think we could do a lot worse than Mr. Slotcar as I think Lee's already suggested. They have a whole raft of impressive looking stuff on the way which I feel in time could rival, especially now Pendle are behind them.
QUOTE (Flange @ 14 Nov 2011, 19:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will we be able to do mr slot car straight away though ? it may also be worth waiting 6 months untill they have released more bits and pieces.

To run them as standard, no extra bits and pieces are required. They go very well with a simple glue and true. Even the chassis was straight on mine.
White kit Mazda is also available and the dolly mixtures should be available soon.
The new models can be added as they appear and if we all run Mazdas to start with, it'll be the fairest class ever. Nobody can moan they've made the wrong choice. Job done.
Very pleasing that the majority of the members present were in favour of the principle of changing to Ninco track. Now comes the hard work

Also, I really enjoyed running the BRM Megane round. I think it's fair to say BRM have made a massive leap forward with this model, well worth the wait. Review to follow on that one.
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1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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