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I thought for the AGM

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I thought for the AGM

I think we ought to cut down the laps to 16 and finish the laps you are on.

This will stop the software guessing the average time taken, if you finish after someone has lapped you.

I didn't think it will make the evening much longer, and for those that have the pleasure of finishing their laps after most have finished will get their fiver's worth!

If someone is more than 3 laps behind the leader then they need help from us to get them up to speed, generally most people at out club are really good anyway.

If they are more than 4 laps behind, I'm thinking of introducing electric shock treatment and public humiliation....

Another blinding idea from me.
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Interesting proposal.

I've been looking at some of the results and have come up with some figures with regards the fastest laps attained during the different classes we race.

it won't be exact as these are the absolute fastest laps and are not an average of the entire race (except endurance) it also doesn't include time spent when cars come off (except endurance), here goes then

Porsche difference between absolute fastest and slowest is about a second (mine spends most if its time on its roof while in a corner, however, once upside down corners like it's on rails!)
For a 16 lap race last place would be a couple of laps behind

Classic difference is about 1.5 sec between fastest and slowest (there's a figure of 6.86 for julian on one flying lap
OMG!!!!!) if you take out Julian
(sorry Julian) its about a second.
For a 16 lap race last place could be up to three laps behind

Endurance difference over the whole evening of races (this is more accurate as its an average over the whole event divided down to a single race and does take into account people coming off) is 6.2 laps between fastest person and slowest person on average per race. I know this is a timed event but it illustrates just how many laps there could be between the other classes first and last places.

To summarise; we would need to have the seedings implemented to prevent large differences between first and last places but other that its a good idea.

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It sort of stuck out like a sore thumb as a possible experiment of Julian's, but the way things are going classic could break the into the very late 6s at any time.
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