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I thought for the AGM

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I thought for the AGM

I think we ought to cut down the laps to 16 and finish the laps you are on.

This will stop the software guessing the average time taken, if you finish after someone has lapped you.

I didn't think it will make the evening much longer, and for those that have the pleasure of finishing their laps after most have finished will get their fiver's worth!

If someone is more than 3 laps behind the leader then they need help from us to get them up to speed, generally most people at out club are really good anyway.

If they are more than 4 laps behind, I'm thinking of introducing electric shock treatment and public humiliation....

Another blinding idea from me.
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Thank you to all who turned up for our AGM last night

Big thanks to Neil (man on the pa) for hosting the event and for all the hard work this year.

It was good to hear some strong discussion about car classes and the possible move over to Ninco track. If any club member wants to use my Ninco track at home it is always open just let me know when.

Next year;
Car classes are very much as this year with the exception of NSR 997 being put on the back burner and MSC rally cars being introduced as a new standard class.

BRM is now being called 1/24 with the introduction of the new BRM Megane and Scaleauto 1/24 cars, also we are going to allow kit GT bodies on the scaleauto chassis. The track voltage for this class will be tweaked.

Club cars to be fitted with lights for some night racing, always good fun racing in the dark with the usual jokes flying about the club!

Rules and calendar to be done before the end of this season.

I would like to thank all Molesey club members and committee members for their support this year and if you feel like buying the club Sec a drink at the Christmas meal, mine is a London Pride!
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Very pleasing that the majority of the members present were in favour of the principle of changing to Ninco track. Now comes the hard work

Also, I really enjoyed running the BRM Megane round. I think it's fair to say BRM have made a massive leap forward with this model, well worth the wait. Review to follow on that one.
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