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· Russell Sheldon
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I must confess that I have never tried to carve a body myself, but was wondering if anyone has had experience carving bodies using Balsa-Foam, which is apparently much easier to work with than balsa wood?

Balsa-Foam is labelled as "a plastic foam that carves like butter and paints like wood" and is supposedly ideal for sculpting and model making.

Michael Paschal did a superb job of carving this 1939 Maserati 4CL "Streamliner" in Balsa-Foam, which he entered in the 2001 Marconi Proxy Race:-

Michael used standard Balsa-Foam and unfortunately the front of the body broke off in a heavy crash. For slot car bodies it would be best to use either Balsa-Foam II, which has a 12 lb per cubic foot density, or Balsa-Foam III (20lb. pcf.).

They do blocks that measure 3" × 4½" × 5" for $6.49, which should be suitable for most 1/32nd scale bodies.

Has anyone else carved bodies from Balsa-Foam?

Kind regards

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