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ICED IN in Dallas...

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doesn't happen often. 100 car pile up early morning. 8 deaths so far.

Been lurking the boards most of the day. Bored, can't paint.

Gonna be in the single digits here the next few days.

Wondering how you guys up north get through the winter with this stuff...

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I'm "up north" but also on the coast in a temperate zone. Love it. :)

Stuff like that is rare in my area, and people freak out as much as they do down there, only here it's all hilly.

But I love me some mild winters and summers.
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27*F holy heatwave batman!

We cant get above 0*! Lows hit -22* this week, almost 50* colder than you, looking at those -20s the next 3 nights.

Born and raised in MN, our bodies are a rare breed. We can see almost 100* in summer with very high humidity,

then lows in the -30s in winter. Ive seen temps change, fall over night from 30* above zero to -20* just overnight.

Then if thats not enough, add in North West winds at 40-60mph, windchills to -50-60*

2 years ago the local USPS services closed because of the extreme cold. Ive seen over 40 inches of ice on the lakes, and that can last until the 10th of May.

We put a few more layers on, leave extra time to get to where we are going, plan for brake a down, (extra blankets in vehicles, first aid kits, water ect).

Common sense goes a long way. Its just cold, it will soon pass. The heat and the dreaded state bird (the mosquito) will once again come alive. Then we all complain about them and wonder how they can make it through a MN winter!

We have those same accidents every year, people forget how to drive. In a hurry, "oh I have four wheel drive I can dont have to slow down, bla bla bla", idiots!

The semi drivers go nuts with those crazy drivers, and no one respects the big rigs.

Tow truck companies just smile when the weather comes, its good business for them.

My heart goes out to all the families of the fatalities though, most of the time its wasn't their fault.


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