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Iceman's Scarabs

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I have finished two of the Resilient Resins Scarab bodies.(email [email protected] )I did the Lance Reventlow #16 car and the Nickey Nouse #10 car.
I like the look of the 3-dimensional interior,so I was able to use the Monogram Daytona Coupe interior,driver,chassis,running gear,wheels,and tires.
The #16 car,the paint I used was Model Car World (MCW) #5622,Scarab non Mecom.(used airbrush )no foreign orders
The Nickey Nouse paint I used was Tamiya TS-37 Lavender.( rattle can )
To install the windscreen I used Testors Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker.( good stuff !!! )
From the body,I cut out the interior tray,and the front nose grill.(installed wire mesh).I took my time at sanding the wheel wells so the tires would fit.( 400 grit sandpaper glued to different size diameter of plastic pipe. )
The resin body was soaked in Castrol Super Clean for about one hour to remove mold release-agents,and then thoroughly washed.I sprayed the car with grey primer,to show any imperfections.The bubbles were filled,and sanded.Then used white primer( Tamiya Sandable Primer )prior to painting.
The Daytona interior needed to be trimmed to fit,but the chassis was spot on for length,just needed to be trimmed for width.
I made the decals myself,using Corel Draw 12 to do the artwork,and the Alps printer to print out the decals.
The wheels from the Daytona Coupe are not correct,but they do look "period correct".
I installed a Ninco NC-1 motor,no magnet,added lead weight.Drives like a dream.
I must thank Chuck Lawrence,Doug Ashford,and especially Scott " Noisy Muse " Smith for helping me with the mock-up.


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QUOTE I thought I would do the #2 car,Meister Brauser II,also,I can do the #5 car driven by Chuck Daigh in 1958.

I forgot to mention,in regards to the interior,I moved the driver,and the gauge panel over to the right side.


You did do the Meister Brauser I... only you did it in it's earlier livery... "Nickey Nouse"

Here are a number of shots of the Meister Brauser car that was on display at Road America for the BRIC and running around the course with Augie Pabst


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QUOTE Those colour pictures you posted will certainly help!!

No prob Sir!

When you get your decals together please let me know... I've a Scarab of my own to work on!

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