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Iceman's Slot.It Porsche Rothmans Camel

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I used the Slot.It Porsche 956 to create the Rothmans and Camel/Repsol liveries.
The cars will be raced in our 4 hour endurance race on Sunday,Jan 11.For more


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That is some brilliant work, where did you get the extra moon discs from for the rear wheels?

The cars look great, if you lived around the corner I'd be on my knees asking you to some stuff for me!!

Good luck with the racing.
QUOTE (Iceman @ 5 Jan 2004, 07:17 AM)across the pond in the USA,I purchased Slot.It accessory kit that contained wheel hubs,inserts,and covers,4 of each in 1 kit.price $3.95 US.

Nice purchase mate. I'd love one of those kits just to put those discs on the back of my 956.

Now Iceman,

A slightly different tangent. Would you be telling tales out of school if you were to give us a little insight into the race prep you do to your 956's?
I'd love to know how you set them up.

If you'd prefer to email me you can.

[email protected]
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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