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hi all

as i had the camera out for some blog posting this am ...

was hoping some of you could shed some light on these

first is an ingap 'fiat'? i think from the '50s - i read somewhere it may be a
fiat 1500 spider - i have no idea but am curious - have done some googling
but not really come up with much

anyone out there know if it resembles a 1500? perhaps from late '50s or early '60s??

at any rate lovely color and will make a nice little sportscar for 'smallville'

second up ... a couple of old static kits in apprxo 1/28 i believe

i have no idea who might have done these (perhaps premier? or best?)

we have a great '63 comet and an early '60s valiant as well

i am starting to clean up the comet with hopes of recasting it and doing some nice
period two tone paint jobs - although i do like its wild swirl plastic finish it
may be a tad too much for the people of smallville

the comet is the same size as the aurora '64 comet - but has some great detail to
rear tail panel - will be a fun project, and i don't think i have ever seen any other
'63 comet models ???

not sure if i will take on the valiant - anyone else out there feeling up to the task??

if you do have any insight on these please let us know - thanks very much

regards, Ron
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