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Idea for 'B' series. 24 events over a year, 2 a month. That way,
investing in the cars is worth wile. OPEN, Only thing that can be changed over that
year is the motor, but it has to be like for like. More than that and you
get a penalty of 50 point deducted from final score. You can do anything
to the cars as long as it stays within its original wheel base and track.
Wheels and tyres must stay within body. Tyres, whatever you want. Motor
max rpm 25,000. Could even break it down to 4 events over 20 laps each. GT1,
GT2, GT3, 4x4 Rally. For exp. Any make of car. Ninco, NSR,
Last night we had eight guys. So I'm sure we could drum up 6 from all
members. 4 racing 2 chatting. As it's over 20 laps. Car can be put back
on, max of 2.


I was going to suggest. 1 race class series. Over 12 Months, 24 races in all. Start at 1930 finish at 2230. 4 cars, 8 drivers. 4 racing 4 Chatting. 15 minute stints. Pit. Swap drivers. Car with most laps 4 points, next 3 and so on. Max points 96 over the 24 races.

And Liff goes on.....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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