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I'm an old new user.

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Hello all.

First off I wanted to say I have gone through this entire forum in about 2 weeks of long nights at work. I some how stubled upon the site while researching new slot track sets, And I must say there are some really excellent tracks posted here. I must say a great job to all. I can really understand the work, time, money, and little white lies to the wives, to get these looking so good, as I was in model trains for some time.

I have decided to get back into slot cars since about a 10 year departure.
What has really made my decision is the new digital tracks that are out there.
I have decided to go with the new Carrera Digital Pro-x.

I was hoping someone could be of assistance with track design as I'm looking to purchase all my track needed in one shot.

I will be using 2 4'x8' tables in a L shape so I will have at least a 11-12 foot back stretech. My goal is to have a decent track layout but with room for scenary. I am willing to sacrafice some track layout for scenary.
The agreement with the wife is that when I'm done it must look good and cant be an eye sore (track on plywood). So of course I agreed.

Oh by the way the reason for these dementions is that, I still have enough room to make a four lane digital oval track after this one is done. Must have a oval and road course to fix all my urgues.

Thanks in Advance for all your help
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