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QUOTE (tvwino @ 6 Jan 2005, 00:14)QUOTE (SinclairZX81 @ 6 Jan 2005, 09:52)You need to not be afraid of a soldering iron. Space can definately be an issue. There is no space indside a Scalextric Mini for example. I will be looking into how to hack the interior of the Mini to fit a chip.

I'm going to buy the two 'digital' mini's once they get released, and copy what has been done to them in some of my other liveries.

I opened up the Viper, and it has posts on the side to take the main board, as well as the posts and hole for the sensor mount (as does the new 4WD Skoda). It's a shame that the current digital cars appear to have the sensor board mounted on the posts, then the plastic that protrudes through the hole is melted to 'glue' it in place - otherwise the removal and refit into other cars would be much cleaner. I know of a Fly car that has been converted, as well as several other Scalextric cars - all very successfully.

Yeah, I have the digital Minis on pre-order
Can't wait.

I converted my Skoda Fabia using one of the ugly* Boxters as a donor. It did wreck the posts in the Boxter. The melted plastic on the sensor chip is easy to remove with a craft knife - just scratch away at it, but the main board is super-glued in place. The wires from the boards in the Boxsters are also rather short. I ended up having to de-solder them and use longer ones. The sensor hole in the 'digital ready' Skoda was also too small and needed to be enlarged to accept the LED. All in all it was a lot of faff, but I just hate the cheap looking Boxters and I had to know if the Skoda 'felt' the same after conversion (it does.)

You can see pics of my SSD Skoda here (for what its worth.) I guess I should take some internal ones.

* The Boxters in the SSD set would be a lot less ugly if they'd just left them plain like the Audi TT's in the digital controller + car packs.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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