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I'm lost...

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Hmmm.... looks different around here....

I'm not sure what was wrong with the old board, but my dad always used to say...

QUOTE If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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Yes, I can adapt, but I didn't really want to...

I am beginning to notice the new toys to play with in the new board... And some extra info displayed all over the place. Front page looks a bit bare though...

Is there a reason why we can't show photo's on our profile?

QUOTE We're going to intoduce a really cool thing in the next week and this upgrade was required for that reason.
I can't stand the tension.... Please tell us!

I bet it's different skins...

Na, they ruled that oout already...

But if it is, can you not use an IRC server, because my uni network blocks the port which lets you connect to it.

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Oh god, what have I done...

Speak for yourself.

I consider it a benifit to society to share my visage with the world...

Nuro, while your refurbishing, could you widen the door so I can fit my head through it?

Mr M, might benefit also... sorry, I mean I.I.R.C.G.H.V.V.M.O.B.Q., or whatever...

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EDIT: Ah, two can play at that game... *mumble*edit your posts, why don't you*/mumble*
Yeah, spellchecker schmellchecker....

Anyway, had a cunning thought. Nuro, you know when people type 'rude' words, and they are magically tranformed into slightly less rude words... well, you should make the autocorrecter chenge them all to ":censored:" so that this (
) appears whenever some ones says fuddle , or (
), or (
) ...
. I think it'd be great fun.

And one more thought.... is there any way to display the title of the topic which you are currently viewing in the Title Bar, or some where at the top of each posts. Sometimes I get confused when I'm catching up on a lot of posts and have to scroll all the way to the top to find out what I'm reading (it's not always easy to tell when one blends into another...)

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I just got Firefox and it's great, cheers for recommending it.

Only one thing, using the tab function emphasises the fact that where ever you are in SF the title bar remains the same "SlotForum - Slot Car New, Features, Columns and Resources".

Is there any chance that you could include the title of whatever page it is that you are looking at? For example "While you are on the subject of photography - SlotForum".

It would make for easier browsing I'm guessing, but I'm not sure if it's even possible.


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