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I'm lost...

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Hmmm.... looks different around here....

I'm not sure what was wrong with the old board, but my dad always used to say...

QUOTE If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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McLaren, if an old phart like me can find his way around, surely a young pup like you can adapt!
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QUOTE Is there a reason why we can't show photo's on our profile?

Well... I just looked in the mirror.... I'd say it's a definite plus!
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QUOTE Is there a way now to 'mark all topics read' like you could with the previous format? I've been searching but haven't stumbled across it.

It's still there! At the top right of the list!
QUOTE Why was the change done though??

IPB released an upgrade. If Nuro doesn't use it, then future upgrades may be difficult, if not impossible, to implement smoothly. Nuro will correct me if I'm wrong.

Decent software never stays still for too long. I have no problem with the changes, and Nuro has obviously been working overtime to keep a similar look-and-feel to the board. Being state-of-the-art isn't always easy. SF is an evolving entity and staying current on software is a necessity. I applaud this move, and have found no problem in adapting to it. And.... I'm an old guy!
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1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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