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I'm lost...

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Hmmm.... looks different around here....

I'm not sure what was wrong with the old board, but my dad always used to say...

QUOTE If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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OK, I've added Today's Active Topics to the Members bar at the top for those that like to use it.

It's also down at the bottom of each main page.
I didn't dare to ask since I'm notoriously inept - Today's Active Topics having been reinstated where it used to be, I'm happy
I for one like the new look and the spellcheck is cool I like the new feature that shows you the main part of a PM at the top of the page with have to see it by going into your profile.
Give Nuro a chance to sort things first!! LOL

Give it a few weeks and we will have all forgotten about the old one!! LOL

Why was the change done though??

I have noted that there is one addition that will be invaluable to some contributors.
'a spell checker' Or did I not notice it before?
I wonder which of our merry band will use it.
QUOTE Why was the change done though??

IPB released an upgrade. If Nuro doesn't use it, then future upgrades may be difficult, if not impossible, to implement smoothly. Nuro will correct me if I'm wrong.

Decent software never stays still for too long. I have no problem with the changes, and Nuro has obviously been working overtime to keep a similar look-and-feel to the board. Being state-of-the-art isn't always easy. SF is an evolving entity and staying current on software is a necessity. I applaud this move, and have found no problem in adapting to it. And.... I'm an old guy!
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QUOTE (alfetta @ 4 Oct 2004, 21:36)I have noted that there is one addition that will be invaluable to some contributors.
'a spell checker' Or did I not notice it before?
I wonder which of our merry band will use it.

The last time I used the spell checker the only thing it did was change "John Surtees" to "John Sorties". Gah, there it goes again!

But I agree with Fergy. Thanks for all the hard work Nuro
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Yeah, spellchecker schmellchecker....

Anyway, had a cunning thought. Nuro, you know when people type 'rude' words, and they are magically tranformed into slightly less rude words... well, you should make the autocorrecter chenge them all to ":censored:" so that this (
) appears whenever some ones says fuddle , or (
), or (
) ...
. I think it'd be great fun.

And one more thought.... is there any way to display the title of the topic which you are currently viewing in the Title Bar, or some where at the top of each posts. Sometimes I get confused when I'm catching up on a lot of posts and have to scroll all the way to the top to find out what I'm reading (it's not always easy to tell when one blends into another...)

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Just a couple of helpful shortcuts
HOME key goes to top of page
END key goes to, wait for it . . . bottom of page!
Both almost instant.
Hope this helps, as a surprising number of people don't know those two.
A wheelmouse can be very handy too.
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Quite frequently, from my limited experience.

Anyway, we're all still posting so it can't be that bad. I for one couldn't give monkey's as long as the board is still active & interesting diversion from the mundane. I like it!

QUOTE Mod Edit: This post followed, and so refers to, one from someone who should know better than to slag-off those who run and pay for this site. I'd like to thank Bacardibeast for his honest resposnse. If anyone has a problem with the Mods, use the PM function.

Anyway, back to the thread...
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Sorry Bacardi? (and I know that you've gone down the pub now!) But what were you trying to say here?
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Lobsterboy - I was defending the board in general after a (IMHO) rather malicious post. It seems out of context now, but lets not dwell on the past.

No pun intended but "Up the slots"
or more politely "Up the Slotforum!".
(You know, some how it doesn't have the same ring to it.
A )

& Ed. - You're welcome. Any forum this good is welcome to my defence.

(& back from the pub now)
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I just got Firefox and it's great, cheers for recommending it.

Only one thing, using the tab function emphasises the fact that where ever you are in SF the title bar remains the same "SlotForum - Slot Car New, Features, Columns and Resources".

Is there any chance that you could include the title of whatever page it is that you are looking at? For example "While you are on the subject of photography - SlotForum".

It would make for easier browsing I'm guessing, but I'm not sure if it's even possible.


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