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I'm struggling to open car....

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I got me Scalectrix black Merc CLK DTM Ltd
. I will be running it solely on wood and need to add some weight. The problem now is that after I've removed the screws, I can only get the body about an inch away from the chassis
. The wiring to the lights seems to be too short. Do I have to remove the whole circuitry and replace it when I get the body back on or do I cut the wires
and fit longer ones? Any ideas.
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QUOTE (like the join line along the scalex GT40 cars' nose - much as i like that model)

I have got 2 of these cars and I agree, the line is very obvious-yet they are dead simple to ease apart. Just won a Scaley Chevvy L88 and TVR T400R off Ebay yesterday, they haven't been sent here yet, so I wont bother taking them apart, when I do that with slot cars, things usually go wrong!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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