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I'm struggling to open car....

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I got me Scalectrix black Merc CLK DTM Ltd
. I will be running it solely on wood and need to add some weight. The problem now is that after I've removed the screws, I can only get the body about an inch away from the chassis
. The wiring to the lights seems to be too short. Do I have to remove the whole circuitry and replace it when I get the body back on or do I cut the wires
and fit longer ones? Any ideas.
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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 20 Sep 2004, 11:29)Ease the lot out mate, the lights should come out with the chassis.
Sounds like the lights have come away from the chassis and are a little stuck to the body.
A Gentle but firm pressure should ease them out.
Thanks Swissracer. That seems to be the problem. The lights are still in the body and not on the chassis. Will give it a go.
Well guys, I managed to get the lights away from the body. Damn those little headlight lenses are a pain aswell. The problem now is getting the whole caboodle back. There is a thin slot where the circuitry fits into the body and if you fit the lights back in the chassis before reassembly, you can forget about getting it into the body. I eventually just removed it and it snaps together with no problems now. The car is for racing anyway, not show. Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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