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Here's a single-lane race set by the Japanese company Imai. The box cover has a beautiful painting on it.
It shows a Pontiac & a BMW. The set was 950 yen, not that cheap at the time in Japan. You had to assemble everything, the track, the car, & the controller. The car is around 1/48th scale. Im not sure what kind of car it is.
Maybe some of our experts can help. My wife Misuzu who is Japanese, says it doesn't tell what make the car is. I'm sure it's not generic.You can see the primitive chassis etc. I have 2 sets so 1 photo is the car assembled with its decals. Notice the Atlas picture on the instructions. I have other cars by this company, but this is the most crude. The controller holds the batteries.



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The car is quite close but not a great copy of a Datsun Bluebird from 1960-1962. It could be a vague homage to the Bluebird.

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Another great one Bernard. I really wonder what year this came out - it would still be very odd to still be doing a 1 lane set in the 60s, and I don't think there was anything out in Japan till at least 63 or 64, but correct me if I'm wrong!

I love the box illustration with the two cars in one lane, and the girl looking on adoringly... ah, if only!

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