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Tony Condon
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are the body shells available to the general public and other slot racers?

cheers tony

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Thanks David.

Tony, Mickey Gosset, who made that shell, is no longer in the hobby, but I make a saloon Imp shell and could easily do a coupe as required.

1/43 slotcar builders are small in number, but there some fine casters among us, some of whom, like Tilo Lehmann, sell some beautifully finished bodyshells. The rest of us make shells mainly for our own use and either swap amongst ouselves, or sell on for a small amount any that we have surplus.

Vehicle Tire Hood Car Automotive lighting

Tire Truck racing Wheel Vehicle Car

There are others, like Peter (pfuetze) and Marc (immense Miniatures) who offer 3DP chassis, guides and body mounts via Shapeways.

Table Motor vehicle Automotive design Font Wood

Gas Auto part Plastic Toy Electric blue

Motors, gears and wheels etc are available from Carsten Golletz at Cargo Customs slotcars.

We also use some sources from the static model car hobby and, of course, make our own parts when needed.

This is a great scale for the modeller, feel free to ask any questions.

To see some further examples of some of the builds in this scale, please see Peter's 2018 Pronomag thread:

Regards, Lloyd.


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