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I don't have Metros but they are on my "grab them if they are cheap on fleabay" list.

I can share my experience with the older C7 mini cooper.

I acquired a pair of C7 mini coopers as part of a job lot - I sold off all the stuff except the cute C7's and a couple of Porsche 935's.

The minis had been loaded to the gunnels with plasticene by the previous owner and it was rock hard so must have been there for years. The hard tyres still wouldn't grip that well on sport track so I added some metal weight instead (2 pence coins and blu-tack instead of ancient plasticene) and the traction improved but corners were a real problem with the momentum of all that copper.

So I did plan B - I took all the weight out. Found some perfect small superslix and made moulds. Made myself some copies in shore 20 urethane and put these on the rear and standard rubber on the front. These little beauties fly round the track now with loads of controllable powerslides. The urethane grips well but when provoked lets go gradually so you can balance the slide on the throttle. No magnets needed. The tyres do need truing though because those little wheels spin pretty fast and out-of-round rubber makes them skip like spring lambs on speed.

Incidentally I did the same for the Porsche with its large superslix rears and put narrower tyres on the fronts (they had large superslix fronts as well!!!) and get the same sort of performance.

I would guess putting really grippy tyres on your metros will give similar results and make them fun to drive. They will NEVER match a half decent modern slot car for lap times but if you have a matched pair; that doesn't really matter. I didn't add magnets but that's not to say you shouldn't choose to keep yours - it will make for an easier but less entertaining drive. Take the weights out, with trued tyres you won't need them.
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