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i have tonight managed to get ssdc v5.1.1 installed on my laptop,so far so good.

I have selected the correct pb type and the comm ports for the pb and pitpro,i had number's 5 and 8 to select from and have set pb to 5 and pitpro to 8.

I have a green and a red light at the bottom of the screen?? And the cpu power indicator is showing between 2 and 8 % .

I can select all the windows in the toolbar and have set up the race options but i can not enter anything when it comes to drivers names or cars or even track names.Am i missing something.??

One other thing worth mentioning is that the software was installed for me via memory stick and i have entered license code off line remotely.

Thanks for any input.

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Edit: Just remembered there's a video which shows what I've tried to describe below. race/first race.html - the "Add driver" bit is shown at around 2 mins.

You have to set up drivers & cars elsewhere and drag them across to the race manager window. Make sure you've already added a My Series and a My Race first (as in the pic).
Here's a screenshot from the manual (p22):

On the top menu click on "View" - "Cars" to open the "Cars" window. In this new window, click on the top left icon to "add driver" and then click in the box just below the colour square in the middle of the window showing "New Driver" (by default) and type in a name in this box.
Then click directly on the same name which now appears in the left hand column (under the car box icons) and drag it across to the race manager window, as shown by the red arrow in the pic, till the cursor changes to a bent arrow, and then release it et voilà.

I've found you need to print out the whole manual and follow every step closely. Good luck!:

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Ade, if you have both a green and red light, it means that you have connected to something, but not a C7042 powerbase! The red light should go out when it is all working. The green light means that the COM port was opened successfully, the red light means that there are errors receiving from/sending to the powerbase.
- check you have the right drivers installed for the interface cable. you can download them from the FTDI web page (links on SSDC cables page)
- check the other COM ports to see which one the powerbase is actually on
Hope this helps.
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