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Quick background:

In 2010 I was running PB-Pro 1.8 (i think) with the PB hooked up to the Computer using a cable (red tape on it) that I purchased from Riko on here. That winter the roof in the attic developed a leak, and you guessed it - right onto the Powerbase and nowhere else. Due to health issues and University I was unable to find any time to get my track up and running again, and I didn't have many people to race against.

At this time, the C7042 was about to arrive, or certainly scheduled to arrive just at that point.

Now, just over a year later, this is my situation:

I have the track.
I have all the DPR cars ready
I have a C7042 powerbase.

So, in order to run the excellent SSDC again, I believe that I need:

1. SSDC V5 4.1.0 (latest version) to run the fuel simulation etc.

2. A new Aux->USB cable as the original red taped cable will potentially fry my C7042 now??

Is that all correct?

Sorry, I realise that this information is out there and I could find it if I searched, but I have lost pretty much all my memory of when I was running SSDC and PB-Pro 1.8 before.

I just want to get up and running nice and quickly, cheap as possible as then I can buy new cars!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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