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first post on here in a while- lack of house space has meant I've been spending more time (and money) with Transformers than slots this year- but having been christmas shopping in the welsh capital this w/e, I thought I should share this "find"

There's a big department store in cardiff called David Morgan and they're having a closing down sale.

They've got a very well stocked scalextric department, and have cut the prices on everything.

Not the most up-to-date stuff- the cut-off seems to be last christmas (I think the most recent thing they had was the TVR 400 and a few bikes). but the 2003 and 2002 cars are pretty much all there.
For some reason they've put a bigger discount on the sport editions than the regular cars.

sport editions: £20
regular: 15-25
track: most of the track packs had £1-2 off
RMS: they had 1 RMS upgrade for £10, but I bagged that- the multilane extension was also £10
challenger- only down to £50.
lots of sets- about %30 off in most cases.
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