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All my cars use independent front wheels even if they are tripod types. The wheels in a tripod setup are used in the corners to prevent too much rock or tipping of the chassis. Why should the one wheel tipping over, be forced to drag the other wheel and axle along with it, when it does touch and roll in hard cornering situations.

Minor point you say but still a factor. I prefer a one piece axle with provison to allow at least one wheel to turn differently from the other. In most cases I prefer each wheel to rotate freely, even from the axle. At times I have a rigid mounted axle and on others I have a floating axle. Track tuning should determine which type.

For a non tipod car just consider the arc each wheel makes from a top view point, while turning through a corner. The travel distance is somewhat greater for the outside wheel. So if it is linked solidly to the other wheel and axle on the inside, it must force the inside wheel and axle to make the same longer revolution through the corner as it does, allowing it to drag or spin unnecesarily. Didn't make sense to me.

But that just one mans opinion per usual!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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