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I think the issue with Fly independent axle stubs is not what material they are made from, but the fact that they fit loosely into the chassis bushings and allow excess movement (some would say slop). This in turn, often causes the wheels to rub on the fender wells. It is a fairly simple matter though, to eliminate the wobble but still maintain the advantages of independent wheel rotation. As related several years ago by Larry S., just enlarge (carefully!) the axle holes to 1/8", insert short lengths of 3/32 ID brass tubing as bushings, reattach wheels to existing stub axles and voila - no more slop! This is a quick fix and has become standard procedure for most of my Flys.

Of course, for those who are averse to tweaking and demand out of the box perfection, the question remains why is there so much slop designed into the chassis in the first place?

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