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How do you think metal stub axles would make a difference? The chassis is still plastic after all.

I agree with that. Stub axles are probably not going to work in a plastic chassis car unless the stub axle assembly is a rigid part of the chassis. As in, braced beyond belief. Stub axles in themselves are not a very good idea on plastic chassis regardless of material used for the wheel to ride on.

As I mentioned earlier, in the HO world independants are the only way to go. In the larger scales I see that 1/24th uses the tripod so independants are worthless. In the 1/32nd camp there seem to be two groups, one that uses the tripod and one that actually puts the front tires on the track. For those that have tires touching the track, independants will improve your cornering.

With HO cars you'd see an improvement in cornering immediately even if you were running "O" ring tires instead of the stock width tires. The monster meats used in 1/32nd up front for 'scale' appearance are definitely a hinderance.

Hmm, that reminds me. I need to bush my front wheels.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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