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inline old Scalextric nascars

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These cars are largely forgotten about in favour of sidewinders or scx these days . I noticed the straight line speed of them in round 2 of the NASCAR championship Friday gone they were proper quick. Only two tenths of a second separated them from the established competition. I went Milton Keynes few weekends ago were a crash and bash ford Taurus cost me only £4 . IM going to try my absolute hardest to make that Taurus close that two tenths gap . Ive set a few of these up in the past but more as training cars for newbies as there famous for the toughness. I think key will be smoother cornering as there tippy will have one ready for round three....
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Yes - they are good. We run a class for them at West Cornwall SCC which has largely replaced our SCX NASCAR class which fell into disrepute due to SCX's quality control issues when they had the financial crisis. The Scalex cars are every bit as quick and IMHO handle better. We run Ninco 80511 tyres on the back and put about 7 grams of lead amidships. good luch with the Toymota.

Hey Keith thanks for post we have to run Scalextric or scx rubber to stick to rules but Il keep the number for those ninco tyres as have home wooden track . I also found the scx cars hit of miss on quality especially the motors . I do like the simplicity of the Scalextric inline NASCAR I have pontiac grand prix to build also will post on progress take it easy Keith..
We run Ninco track so I can't vouch for the handling on wood. It will depend on the surface I suppose.

We are very lucky as we run on a on a four lane slotfire track very smooth .
Yo Jim the inlines are good and you know it as that's what we both started with. I do have a soft spot for these. Especially my exide car. Hope all is going well for you all mate. Matt
Matt your right on the nail,, I started with the Kellogs old inline, what a blast to drive.
Found the old style tires got hard after a bit , but the new ones seem to work well enough
Still run them in an IROC format on wood every once in a while.
All, the best
Hello chappy great to hear from you matt things good busy as always its been a while had a look on your club forum I see your doing well up there. They where the days (late 2007) my first inline is asr club car now . I ran my latest at home today widened front track lowered rear very fast with handling to match . I acquired a set of power puff girl decals at Milton Keynes car now painted pink will be awesome when finished. Next on build list inline Pontiac grand prix. Do you remember the next nascars we got old mate still running ( now and again) the Monte Carlo and its still capable of winning meetings . I will get the old cars back to the front again chappy we cant use the blacked out window cars as are rules state an interior must be fitted . I met a slot club when I was on my honeymoon in canada but cant remember the name of the town it was in they where cool guys great to hear from you matt Il give you a bell in the week ....
Well history was made 19/09/14 an inline won the meeting young Sam wadeson done it with a well set up car . Ive had to put mine on shelf for a while due to other commitments hopefully will have the pink beast ready for 2015 . Well done Sam ...
I have a NASCAR Robo Racer and a Test Track Taurus available dead cheap if anyone is looking for these
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Hey Lucky, do you remember the town you were in, I likely can remember the club for you.
Ill also have a dig through my stuff to see if I have any spares etc for the inline.
Hey chappy
I think the town was called Barry found the club by accident while looking for something to eat .
We run a set of 6 of these on SSD digital as our club cars. All we did was remove the magnets and fit Route1Racing medium grip urethanes.

They are a hoot on Sport track. Lack a little acceleration but top end is good and you get the best out of them if you have a smooth driving style.

We usually run them if we have time at the end of a race night - either crash and burn or devil takes the hindmost (take the last place off every 10 laps until you have a winner). Great fun.

I think Falcon Raceway also runs a set of these.
We also run a fleet of these as club cars - fun, quick, and robust, they're fantastic cars for the little kids groups. Good to know we're not the only club whose big kids also run them if there's time at the end of a race night!
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Hey jay-bi and mr modifier
it is great to hear that you guys run these cars at your clubs I bet the racing is fantastic. I built the ford Taurus up painted pink with powder puff girls decals also a Pontiac grand prix . Both cars run good but I need to spend some time to find the perfect balance and grip got 12 days off at christmas so plenty of time on the home track to get them ready for next season ..
We run on Sport track on a technical circuit with a couple of R1 hairpins as well as some composite curves and an R4 turn at the end of a long straight. Standard tyres offer too little grip unless oiled. Super grippy Urethanes actually unsettle the Taurus and make it very hard to slide such a long car around the hairpins. We found the best compromise to be medium grip Urethanes (about Shore A50) as these last absolutely ages, offer decent grip but will break away when provoked which allows us to power around the hairpins and actually use a slide to scrub off speed on the R4 turn.

We didn't add any weight at all although I think 10g amidships would probably improve handling albeit at a cost of reduced acceleration.

Of course the setup on grippier track surfaces and less technical tracks will be completely different. What we do find is that these cars are probably the most evenly matched of all our classes but even then we still get cars that run well and cars that don't. What is really interesting is that it is not always the same car that runs best - we can only put it down to different rom temperature and humidity as we find the track can drive very differently from one week to the next and is noticeably more slippery on damp days - so I guess the less powerful motors cope better with lower grip conditions.
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Thanks mr modifier for the info on how you guys run them . All the cars run standard scalextric rubber it works well on the slot fire track . Ive set my Taurus and grand prix pretty much the same two small strips of lead in the grooves under the front axel and a piece where the rear magnet was . The only problem I'm really having is every now and again they won't turn in and go straight on . I've set the front axel height so the guide is maximised in the slot maybe I need to pack the front wheels out a little bit with washers ..
Yes mate its always part on my prep work I give them two coats .
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