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Just looking through this forum there are many talented builders, painters and racers and I was wondering where or who inspires you all to scratch build, paint or tune the way you do?

For me there are many things and people that give me ideas on what to try out with slot cars.

For example, TV programs like OverHauling with Chip Foose and similar shows where classic cars are rebuilt and most of the time tastefully bought up to date. (Unlike pimp my ride - yeah lets not put a fish tank/pop corn machine in the trunk of that car!)

Also a great deal of inspiration I find just looking through this very site, and I'm often in awe of some of the scratch builds and tracks on show.

Then theres other things, like when you break a car and just as your going to throw it in the bin, think, hang on, lets convert it to a pick up or convertible or similar!

So what gives you the urge to get the dremmel out and shake some paint cans?
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