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QUOTE (petestrike @ 16 Jun 2012, 10:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i originally posted this in the rally section but so far have had no suggestions from the sideways brigade! the lateral thinking on here sometime astounds me , so any idea's?
I saw your post in the rally section. At the time I had thought of one, but I was in a hurry to do something else and now I've forgotten what it was.

RS1700T is a good idea, as is the 260Z.

How about a Sapphire Cosworth? .......Or one of the other Group A-era cars that haven't been covered as slot rally cars?

Plenty of saloon cars have been used on rallies as well as races....... Rover SD1 is an example.

I've got a list somewhere of 1970-on rally cars that don't appear to have ever been done. Turning late WRC cars (Fabia, Fiesta) into current S2000s looks fairly straight-forward.....

Inspired by my keen interest in European tarmac rallying, I've been wondering about doing a Nissan 350Z. Again, it should be a straight-forward re-livery job. But for me it would have to be a high-detail car and I haven't found one yet - Scalextric only seem to do crash-proof blacked-out-windows ones. Porsche 996 and 997 and Lotus Exige GT are common in European tarmac events as well.

Have a hunt through YouTube and DailyMotion for rally videos. There will be plenty of inspiration there - it's where I got most of mine from.

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