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Inter-Club - South East

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After all the chat about getting people to visit other clubs, a few of us in the South East(ish) area have decided to do a very simple inter-club fun championship.

Basically, competing clubs attend the rival clubs on a designated "club car" evening. This has the advantage of attending drivers will not have to worry about car set-up / tyre choice / gear ratios etc etc, as the cars will all be supplied. Hosting clubs do not have to alter their calendar and/or hire halls on an unusual day.

Dates announced so far:






Also, to keep costs down, there will be no prizes / trophies (unless the host club wishes to do something off there own back). Points will be awarded for all races attended PLUS a bonus 5 points if driver attends all meetings.

It really is that simple folks, and will hopefully get people travelling and boost club attendance.

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Oxford is the first round. We shall be using NSR Classic's.

Standard setup 20k motor 11/32 gearing, some weight is added up front to help keep guide in during acceleration. Ultras on rear

We'll do 20-25 laps per heat x4 (depends on numbers on the night) quickest to complete set amount of laps is winner

Track power is 13volts. We shall get there a bit earlier than normal to setup track ready for practice from about 7pm

Racing to start by 8.30pm at the latest. Bring something simular to practice with before hand

Entry fee is £5 tea/coffee will be available foc

We are located at Ramsden Memorial Hall, though it says Ramsden Village Hall on google maps. Satnav code is OX7 3AU

We are in a small village between Oxford/Witney area. Car parking is an issue sometimes. Please park respectfully to the village locals.

IE try not to block driveways or access to driveways please.

Mobile phone service in village isn't very good with some providers

Please add your name so we have a rough indication of numbers on the night, thanks

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Oxford entries

John Underwood

Wayne Goble

Steve Munter

Colin Rushton

Simon Mead

Matt Allen

Matt Coy

Peter Folley

Nigel Francombe

AlanDavies tbc
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Thanks for the update John. I'll ask people tomorrow night (at Nascot Wood) to confirm their entries.


Is that all of the clubs in the south east?
Hi Southern Softie.

This is by no means the only clubs in the area of the SE. It's just that as a collective we just happened to "meet" at a swap meet and also are fairly local to each other and so got talking.

It followed on from the other thread of getting a clubs together and was an (very) easy thing to agree on whilst we were together.

I think it just shows that it all needs to be kept very simple and fun. Other more "serious" formats can still take place, but the idea of this is that you don't need to do anything other than turn up and race with what is supplied.

If it works then we'll probably keep it going in following years.

Dont see why not - each club is hoping to boost attendance 👍
Dont see why not - each club is hoping to boost attendance 👍
This is very smart thinking, even though it does not fix the bigger issue, and other clubs should look at it for sure.
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Update to dates...






Also I made a slight error I made about the points:

Points will be awarded for BEST 4 races attended BUT a bonus 5 points will be awarded if driver attends all meetings.
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First round is this coming Tuesday night 30th

Open to anyone, just bring a car to get some practice with

I should be there just before 7pm but track needs assembling so practice from 7.30pm

Tea/coffee will be available FOC

Satnav OX7 3AU

Racing to start at 8.30pm

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Good to see some interclub racing. Well done for getting it going and good luck for the other events you have penciled in.

Let's hope it encurages other clubs to do something similar.
Normal club nights are SSC on Monday 7.30->10.30pm and Eastcote (in reverse direction) on Wednesdays 7.30->10.30pm.

We have to run the Stanborough (SSC) and Eastcote (ESC) Interclub rounds on Sunday afternoons as the club track
is based inside the grounds of a private Boarding School.
The SSC round will be on Sunday May 26th, and the ESC round is planned for Sunday June 16th.

Being at a Boarding school there are certain restrictions which are as follows:-
1/ 10.30pm 'curfew' for noise, which is why the events of both clubs will be on a Sunday.
2/ Smoking is banned in the school grounds.
3/ There is a Legal requirement for ANYONE attending on the club nights and events such as the Interclub series,
that attendees MUST provide their name, address, a contact number, and car registration.
This is just as much for your security as the school and it's pupils.
It has never ever been an issue for anyone attending previously, and we see no reason why anyone would not
freely comply with this. Anyone not will be escorted off the school grounds.
(Info can be given on the night if not already given previously, or send me a PM - Private Message.)

But...back to the SSC Interclub event...
Cars are Fly Racing Alfa 156's fitted with Scaleauto 'Baby Sprinter' motors, 10/26 gearing, C1 DTM rear tyres. These
all originally came with either yellow (soft), or red (medium), or hard (blue) springs fitted to the motor pods, but they have
all now been replaced with an alternative setup that now better suits the uprated car. Hopefully everyone will have fun
with them.

Start time to be confirmed, but we are looking at 11.30am to start practice, break for lunch 1.00-1.30pm, with racing
to start from 1.30pm.
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Above post edited to change tires to C1 DTM
Thanks Martyn, KISS concept, hopefully it may inspire other clubs to play with each other

Graham, I'll try and get definite numbers from Oxford during the week for you.

Theres a pub on main road before turning into the estate where the schools located. quick post race drink afterwards?

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Drivers count their best 4 scores overall. pLus if they attend all meetings they receive an extra 5 points bonus.

Teams - Top three drivers from each club ONLY that attend will score points.
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