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I had just read about a 'miracle product' for Scalextric slot car track. It is called INOX MX3. However this stuff works.

We have a club layout located in a severe environmental location - an industrial site in a rented storage area. There is a lot of dust and living in Central Florida, we have a lot of humidity and heat - like I said, a severe environmental location.

The track is Scalextric Sport track and we were having spotty electical problems and many of us felt there were some areas that had reduced power. Yes, I do understand that everyone has to race on each lane, but it was not fun being on a lane that had reduced power and getting lapped multiple times during a stint.

One of the members read about INOX MX3 and decided to buy some and give it a try. Well we just had a race this week and the stuff really works. We applied a drop to each of the braids on the car and ran laps prior to the race. After ten to fifteen laps we were hearing the signal from our timing system (TrackMate) that indicated we were turning the fastest laps. This continued on and we were soon turning laps close to the track record back when we first installed the track.

During the race no one had any 'issues' with power drop off on any lane nor parts of a lane.

The price is about $15.00 for enough INOX MX3 to last almost a lifetime. I highly endorse it after seeing firsthand what it will do for you.
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