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Hi All,

Don't know if anyone has heard of this show, but by all accounts it's pretty amazing! I think it might be more focused towards train, planes and boats rather than our little cars, but I'm heading over to Germany for the show with the father-in-law (huge model train nut!!!) and wondered if anyone has been in previous years, what they thought of it and are there any car manufacturers there?

Website to event - Intermodellbau website


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I go every year to that event. And indeed there is a lot of railway stuff to be found, if you're a train fan, than this is haven.
There's also a lot to be found for all sorts of radio controlled model building, from aircrafts, cars, boats to U-Boats.
As for ready of the shelf slot cars or bodies, it's very poor. I believe I only saw one exhibitor last Year with some general scalextric stuff. But if you like to scratch build, there is a huge amount of all kinds of materials, tools etc. at very interesting prises some times, but I've to admit that great bargains come lesser and lesser these last years.

But I have to say, if you surch for materials or tools, and you can't find it there, it probebly doesn't exist.
I think it is worthwile to go there, you can spend the whole day there and still you haven't seen everything. You always come home with something, at least I do
. Even if your not a railway fan, you can find a lot of inspiration and materials if you want to build track senery.
Anyway, bring a good filed wallet, your going to need it

And if you go, try to avoid the weekend, it's overcrouded

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