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As far as "out of the box racing", if all the various manufacturers got together to standardise certain aspects of the models they release such as motor spec and tyre material then you would stand a better chance of being able to formulate National/International rules.
At the moment scalex clubs tend to run a zillion different classes to suit all the various cars that are released from the different makers because no two models perform in a similar way, this gets very expensive for the average racer as he then ends up with a box full of un-competetive cars which are no good to anybody.
In my area i am in regular contact with scalex racers from three different clubs Wellingbourgh, Wood Green and Luton [four if you count NLondon] and they/we ALL run to different rules, some are only small changes but still make it difficult to organise interclub events because of them.
Just the opinion of a "metal head" racer!
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