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Just to speak for myself - usually not too bad at that - my major support and thrust is for standards of 'quality' in cars and peripherals rather than rules to run by, although I must say that a 'base line' rule set would make a sensible foundation, from which others, with no preconceived rules could pick their ideas and preferences.

As has been said, slot racers really are a recalcitrant and rebellious rabble - I should know - I AM one! This means that it can be extremely difficult to agree rules, even within a single club, let alone between clubs and individuals.

So I am another who, in spite of many disagreements can readily support the principle of 'base line' rules - point from which to expand. No one is forced to comply with them, but any element of agreement certainly would lead to more interchangeability between groups of racers. Unfortunately, I can't see it actually happening, in view of the inherently stroppy nature of most of us.
Shame though!

Standards for dimensions and quality of car parts etc are a different matter though and I will return to that theme 'one of these days'.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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