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The problem with rules is that many (myself included) see them as a challenge. A lot depends on your point of view - are rules a foundation or an envelope? For me, as a slot racer interested in racing scale models, rules can be divided into two broad categories: rules for "box stock" classes and rules for development or scatch built cars.

Of the two, rules for the former are probably the most difficult to formulate and enforce. Like the 1:1 "stock" rules, this can lead to an expensive and time consuming operation. Production tolerances gaurantee that cars will have a range of performance and one can spend a lot of money acquiring parts to "stack" the tolerances to produce a faster car - and then there is the issue of repair of both damage and wear etc. etc.

The latter category can be made quite simple - races for cars of a type and period with the prototype setting tire diameter and width -this will determine handling characteristics pretty well - add to that a current regulator that will "clamp" the current at a predetermined level and the motor question is also controlled.

Magnets are simple - yes or no

The general idea is that the fewer rules there are, the less opportunity there is to bend them!

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