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Hello community,

Names Erik, from Sweden.

Came back when my two boys became of age (ie when I deemed it suitable to give them a throttle to handle).

Bought a Scalextric Micro, took ten minutes to decide that going HO Slider was the way to go. Thanks to Ed Bianchi this was a simple step.

Routed the first track, the second track was usable.

Joined ORS, had heaps of fun together with people like Fergy.

Switched to 1:32 and here I am.

A routed track maker, a tire maker, a timing program maker. The average Jack of all Trades. It also seem as if I can handle a car under stress.

Hopefully I can add to the general base of expertise, manage to make one or two understandable jokes along the way and not piss to many of by being stubborn.

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