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Ha! Maybe YOUR cars only draw 1.2 amps but if he wants to do some real slot car racing with real slot cars I think you'll find 5 amps per lane is the minimum
Saying that 30 amps is too much and that you'll never need that much power is like saying you should drive a Yugo because you can't use all the power of a Corvette. See how I slipped in using a truly sad automobile of European decent and compared it to an American car? That's a subtle psychological jab
I'm just joshing you Nuro

Professor Fate answered the query correctly. The cars will only draw what they need. A 30a power supply is definitely not overkill.

note: The first paragraph of my post is not to be taken seriously. Factual information was presented in a misleading fashion intentionally. Remember, always remove the Pop-Tarts from the foil pouch before microwaving and if you want to see me race slot cars be sure to have donuts on hand and a catch fence surrounding the track. Your mileage may vary. This offer only good in the US and its protectorates.
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