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Is Inte's Implement Immoral?

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I'm not a fan of floppy controller with little feedback

Thats why I got slot-tech to build me one and mighty fine it is too

Parma plus with adj. brakes and ohm rating, and a small booster an all

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No Inte's controller isn't immoral - all it's doing is helping to regulate a ripply current if the track's power supply has one.

I suppose the only immoral, not in the spirit kind of thing is managing to go faster by getting more volts to your lane. I'm no electrician, I don't know if such things exist, but is there some kind of transformer device to step up the power? Example, your track has a fully regulated supply of say, 12V no ripple. When I punch full throttle on my controller I get 18V say on my lane. Now if I can get hold of a device (if such a thing exists) for a few pence from Maplins etc that would be fun!! and obviously not in the spirit.
Remember though, Pirelli had a great slogan in one of their adverts - "Power is Nothing without Control!"

Also, for what it's worth, most clubs have rules. These rules usually exist to make racing fun and not a procession. In fact Inter-Club championships probably have more rules. The point is that whilst racing TOY cars is fun, using one's brain to find LEGAL loopholes in the rules is also part of the fun - look at the teams using 1:1 cars and the arguments in full-size motorsport.

There. In the interests of a stimulating debate...carry on!

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I can drive over powered cars but under powered as i showed at pendle I just dont do

"Rules are there for the guidance of wise men...or the blind obedience of fools!"

I know that very soon GRAH1 will pop up here and I`m waiting for Fergy,both know the score. Meanwhile..I`ll be building up that bonfire for Int
runs off shrieking"Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!
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as madness say "always trying to find a way to bend my favourite rule"

following - "all the kids have gone away to fight with next doors school, every term that is the rule"

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Putting it bluntly, Inte's controller cannot add any external power to the track, it just stores up power in the capacitor whilst on part throttle for use when needed on full throttle.

It only works on unregulated tracks, by filling in the gaps in the half wave regulated supply, thereby creating a pseudo regulated supply - a by product of this is our diddy little motors prefer smooth regulated power and run cooler and last longer on such a supply as a consequence.

*slap* your not supposed to let the cat out the bag.. fool!
thanks `Professor Pat Pending`. Seriosly I am very interested in the facts regarding controllers and what they can/cannot do.
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Ive been watching this in intrest for a while ,my own opinion on this gadget which incidently I have had fitted on my own controller for as long as I can remember .its main purpose as far as I am concerned is to filter out the harmfull ac ripple supplied by sub standard power supplies thus protecting my motors I also have a voltage control where I can and often do turn the supply down to a more managable level, If Inte wants to fight against wheelspin and uncontrolable acelleration good luck to him hes found an edge ,till every one else catches up or the club decides to fit a better psu. Mega power isnt every thing ,and it doesnt work on Pendles battery power any way.As for Rail racers coment about the spirit of the meeting I seem to remember guys turning up with baterys wired in suposedly for reverse polarity braking in the past ,these ideas were then thought to be ingenious but were soon left behind.If the rules of the meeting state no external power sources/ power enhancements then I aggree dont use it If not its a fair tweek and somewhat cheaper than a replacement motor.
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That`s it in a nut shell. It`s about the rules, all in or all out dependant on PSU? If you can decrease I`m assuming that you can increase power too/boost? No?
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bout time you posted that.. written a load of messages to people been to get a drink releived myself and still had to wait!

see, perfectly fine simply protecting my cars.. ahem

now erm, fergy? what ya got to say?
"Stand by for action! Anything can happen in the next hour!"

Fergy is in the house
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Some thing I should point out is that when the capacitor is used it has far more efect on a low amp motor .As Fergy points out in his article all you are doing is smoothing out the peaks and troughs of an un smoothed psu giving a more constant voltage It will not give you more amps than are available ( unless you have a capacitor the size of a car battery ,pre charged and in your pocket).
Competitors at Wrexhams meet who know me well will probably have noted that I didnt run my scx cadilac in sports despite the fact that at Preston it can turn in 4.5 second laps on 13.8v regulated. At Wrexham there wasnt enough amps to power it and the motor an scx/rewind which normaly runs quite cool was beginining to overheat so after a few practice laps it went back in the box and stayed there and I raced motors requiring less current.
Any way back to the capacitor thing ,with a slow motor like an scx and a poor psu the cap is a worth while add on and as I said before a cheap performance option ,cheaper than upgrading all your existing cars, but not nesesarily the best way , some times I turn it off some times I turn it on ,Intes only works on the full power position so he does not get the benefit of a smoothed supply at low power but that was his choice ,he does not have the power reduction facility I have,and in answer to johns question I cant turn the power up any more than the available smoothed voltage only down ,so if clubs want to take away any advantage gained from this system get a regulated /filtered supply ,use battery power or stick a cap across your psu and the power will be the same for every one
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Hi Guys,
this topic seems to have caused a bit of a stir, although carrera and scx supply this system as standard in some of their controllers! even ninco do a power booster for the track.
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