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Hi All, Just a query?
I have just noticed 2 of my wrc Ford Focus Cars have the same Rego plate:#7 galli and #63 Merksteijn jr cars ?my question is ,
are they the same car ? or is it someone at Scalextric to put wrong decals on?
thanks Neil...

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This one won't embed so you'll cut and paste it...

UK number plates can be transfered between cars though so there's never any guarantee that it is physically the same car. DVLA website lists EJ56 FXA as a white Focus (vinyl wraps don't amend a vehicles colour on the DVLA database whereas a respray would) registered on 14/Nov/2006 which agrees with the 56 part of the reg - 2006 with the 50 offset referring to second six months of the year. and select "Vehicle Enquiry" to check any UK numberplate. Interesting to see if cars you've owned in the past are still on the road.

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