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Is slot car racing educational?

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I was asked by a school teacher if slot car racing was educational, what could kids learn from it, so I thought that from the wealth of knowledge and experience available here you could come up with some answers that I can pass on to her.

Cheers - Phil B.
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In addition to all the very good comments above I think slot car racing also teaches:

1) the applied use of tools (dremel, soldering iron, paint gun etc....)

2) planning and time management - detailing a circuit or scratchbuilding a car is quite an undertaking and a good deal of planning and time management must go into it.

3) patience - in order to get things just right (ie. waiting for adhesives, primers and paints to dry

4) humility and sportsmanship - whether winning or losing lessons are learned in one area or the other.

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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