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Is slot car racing educational?

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I was asked by a school teacher if slot car racing was educational, what could kids learn from it, so I thought that from the wealth of knowledge and experience available here you could come up with some answers that I can pass on to her.

Cheers - Phil B.
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still being at school i feel this is a quite appropriate topic for me to stick my head in,
slotcars have taught me engineering skills, which i use in resistant meterials,(design technology) this offers perks as i am trusted with the vac former, the normal lathes and even the modelmaking lathe (which is usually staff only)

slotcars has also given me a headstart in learning about electronics, friction, acceleration, air resistance etc

maths: i still have not found a usefull purpose for this in slots (exept for maybe speeds, basic addition subtraction etc)

socially: slots has helped with competitivly based topics, but my friends do constantly ridicule me for what they consider to be a "sad" hobby, but on a freezing cold rainy day i would rather be indoors with slotcars than stuck in front of a tv.

QUOTE You can't race alone,
what about challenger?
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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