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Is slot car racing educational?

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I was asked by a school teacher if slot car racing was educational, what could kids learn from it, so I thought that from the wealth of knowledge and experience available here you could come up with some answers that I can pass on to her.

Cheers - Phil B.
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I've learnt a lot from slot racing:

History - when I get a nice new shiny car, I am tempted to research it and end up finding out about the history of motorsports, and the drivers, and sometimes about breakthough engineering;

Engineering (electrical and mechanical) - learnt loads about the mechanics and electrics of slot cars, importance of close tolerances and of correct lubrication, as well as practical engineering projects involving use of correct adhesives, problem solving to find why that car is running c**p etc...

Commercial - learning how to conduct succesful e-bay transactions to get that elusive fly car at an affordable price. Also more generally learning how to source those rare slot parts that you need to replace the broken ones

Competitive & Social skills - as noted above
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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