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Is slot car racing educational?

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I was asked by a school teacher if slot car racing was educational, what could kids learn from it, so I thought that from the wealth of knowledge and experience available here you could come up with some answers that I can pass on to her.

Cheers - Phil B.
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Hmmm... I've misplaced the link, but there was a site done by a US teacher that detailed how he had students build a large, wooden track from the ground up. Not only did they learn numerous skills from this - design and project planning, woodworking and tool handling skills, teamwork, etc. - but when the track was complete it formed the basis for a school slot car club which I believe is still in operation, exposing students to many other skills and experiences, most of which have been mentoned above. As Chofar said, I wish I'd gone to this guy's school! Or maybe not.... I'd still be in school...
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QUOTE Hey Fergy...that teacher is Canadian!

Ooops! And I was giving credit to the Yanks!

It was the earlier story, of the first track, that I had seen. In an attempt to mask my shame I'll just say that Wayne's dedication was more important to me than his location. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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QUOTE I think I've learnt more from slot racing buddies than I have from even the Simpsons.

Well... DOH!!
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