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Is there a basic Car Prep guide anywhere

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I see a lot of you guys talking about trueing your tyres (which I think I get), but you also talk about gluing in, tightening some other stuff and so on.

I had a look through the resources bit but couldn't find much.

Is there a guide for the basic stuff that you should check and do on a car, and also how to do it?
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Hi Moped,

A good summary of the terms used
As you say there are a few grey areas, but "exploiting" those grey areas can be fun too, in the spirit of the game. Look at real world motorsport, the teams are always looking for their interpretation of the rules.
If the rules of a slot car competition have a loophole in them the size of a small country, then should we not have fun and "interpret" those rules? Non- magnet cars can still end up with magnetic downforce, although most competition rules are wise to the fact these days

This doesn't exactly help with the box standard or not issue, but I think it was worth mentioning.

Also, IMHO - it is a fundamental right of every slot jockey to have round wheels and tyres on their slot cars. In real life, a lot of work is put into having round wheels on vehicles and balancing the tyres which surround them; we mimic the detail of the real cars, why not mimic the handling improvements?

Governor! Don't think you'll look silly, since the first time I attended Slot Tech raceway, I've always been given help and advice, and not the advice which ends in! either

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