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Is there a basic Car Prep guide anywhere

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I see a lot of you guys talking about trueing your tyres (which I think I get), but you also talk about gluing in, tightening some other stuff and so on.

I had a look through the resources bit but couldn't find much.

Is there a guide for the basic stuff that you should check and do on a car, and also how to do it?
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Good call Baz, I've posted over there, so any passing mods can close this if you like.

Or leave it open for general discussion, what do I know...
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Ta for all the replies.

I don't feel pressured especially, only that so many people seem to be tuning that it sounded like a bit of a prerequisite before using the cars.

I'd kind of built an impression that it was better to tighten a few things up before using them rather than just chuck them on the track unprepared.

I don't have any plans to race in clubs just yet, so I don't need to be race tuned at all, but if it's good for the cars then I'd like to do it as they aren't especially cheap.

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QUOTE (lotus03 @ 19 Apr 2004, 13:47)QUOTE You're the one telling him what to do! Leave him alone to make up his own mind!

Fear not! MY will is strong

QUOTE That's part of the worry gone... Just the fact that I don't have much faith in my racing ability is the only thing now!

I heard that mate.

Btw, cheers for the link sprint I'll check it out
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I think Mac has rumbled me. That pretty much covers it as it happens.

For me it's more about just making sure the out of the box car isn't a bag of bolts, rather than race-tuning them.

I would imagine that even in a race where cars have to be out-of-box untuned it would be acceptable to make sure the bearings and so on were fitted correctly?

I make a distinction in my head between making sure the box car is put together right and substituting parts to make it go quicker, but perhaps I'm wrong?

I'd imagine if you had a pure box fresh car then each racer would run the risk of theirs being a bag of bolts against a well put together one?

Difflock - thanks for the kind words, perhaps if I ever attend a race meet with you and I a-hole one of your cars due to my ineptitude I'll be able to get you to tell me to %[email protected]! off
Not that I'm kinky or nothing mind... arse -- anyone got a shovel?

By the way, I love the way you lot always put Guv in quotes
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I think if i re-read the thread about 100 times I'll probably get it

Applying it mind....
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