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Is there a basic Car Prep guide anywhere

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I see a lot of you guys talking about trueing your tyres (which I think I get), but you also talk about gluing in, tightening some other stuff and so on.

I had a look through the resources bit but couldn't find much.

Is there a guide for the basic stuff that you should check and do on a car, and also how to do it?
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Theres a basic set up guide on my web site. and a lot of other stuff too.
QUOTE I have to agree with the Govenor, however I do feel slightly pressured! I would like to attend a club local to me, but think that I will look rather daft, as I have no experience in tuning.

Goldfish dont worry just go to the club and race clubs need support ,Its the best way to learn, I have been racing over 40 yrs and always try to encourage the new starters which is why I set up my web site ,So you loose a few races when you start ,big deal its only a bit of fun you soon pick up the tips some one will offer guidence,Granted theres always going to be some one who leads the way but thats the target you aim to beat and when you do its great.

(Pep talk over back to work)
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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