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Is there anybody famous on this forum?

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I just wondered if there is anybody famous out there who is willing to admit that they are on this forum. A racing driver, a rally driver, a celebrity of some sort, even a politician.

Come on, time to come out!
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Ok but please don't tell anyone or I must ....
I am James, James Bond.

This message will destroy itself in 5 seconds.
JamieG. Eeehr JamesB
Now the true story. I am famous in some remote place in China which I do not remember the name. I was one of the very first European to show-up there after an adventourus trip (the least I can say) and got one full day footage in the local tv....

Still JamesB

Ps: sorry Graham but did you expect something different from mancave like us?
1 - 2 of 159 Posts
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